A sustainable study and work environment

MDH strives to be an open university where everyone feel welcome and safe, regardless your ethniticity, gender or sexual orientation. The university therefor works actively to create equal terms for all students and staff.

MDH is to conduct preventative work to attain a sustainable physical and psychosocial working environment, so that staff and students can feel contentment and joy in their work, thereby enabling them to achieve good results in both work and studies. Have you been injured during your studies? Have you noticed something on campus that might injure someone or do you have a suggestion that might improve the study environment here at MDH? Please report this in our Aj, Oj, Halloj system at the Student Portal.

Aj, Oj, Halloj at the Student Portal

Work environment and environmental issues

The general guidelines for achieving a sustainable work environment are set down by The Committee for a Sustainable Work Environment (KHA) at the university.

At the University, we have a coordinator for the work environment and other environmental issues whom you can contact with questions and comments regarding those areas.

Contact the Health, Safety, Environment Coordinator Rebecka Malmgren

Contact the Health, Safety, Environment Coordinator Henrik Zettergren

Equal opportunities, discrimination, harassment

Discrimination occurs when the University treats a student or applicant worse than others for invalid reasons and if this unfair treatment is related to sex, ethnicity, religion or other belief systems, sexual orientation, gender identity or expressions, age, or disabilities. By harassment is meant behaviour that impinges upon a person’s dignity and that is related to the above-mentioned grounds of discrimination.

What should you do if you feel that you or somebody else has been subjected to discrimination or harassment?

  • Protest! You have the right to object to things you consider offensive or disagreeable.
  • Tell somebody you trust about what happened.
  • Write things down! Make notes of the time, place and what happened. These can constitute important documentation if you want to take the issue further.

Talks and guidance

As a student, you can get help in the form of talks and guidance by the University’s student ombudsman or the equal opportunities strategist. You decide yourself whether you want to press charges, which would have to be addressed, in writing, to the vice-chancellor at the university.

As a student, you can turn to the Student Union’s representative in the Committee for a Sustainable Work Environment or the University’s student ombudsman.

Contact the Student Union’s representative

Contact the University’s student ombudsman