Student Centre

From then onwards it’s the Student Centre you contact with all your questions and if we can’t give you an answer straight away we’ll make sure to find out!



Changed opening hours during week 44 and 45

V 44
Monday - Thursday: 08.00-16.00
Friday: 08.00-12.00

V 45
Monday - Wednesday: 08.00-16.00
Thursday: 08.00-10.00
Friday: closed

This is what you can do at the Student Centre

  • Get answers to general questions about for example admissions, degrees and other matters relating to your studies
  • Get in touch with the Schools
  • Register for programmes
  •   – all exam papers are gathered in one and the same place
  • Get a form for reviewing the result of your exam
  • Pick up your exam
  • Get a certificate stating that you are a student, or an official transcript of your results (You are also able to get this yourself in Ladok.)
  • Do you want to show that you are a proud MDH student? The Student Centre has the promotional merchandise!
  • Get a PIN code to  
  • Buy compendiums and SPSS licences
  • Get information and support regarding printouts and copying
  • Pay your membership fee to the Mälardalen Student Union
  • Book appointments with a  
  • Collect permits for student parking
  • Find lost items
  • … and lots, lots more