Rules and regulations for examinations

Examination is the assessment of your study performance and thus a part of your education. But it is also an expression of the University’s right as an authority to make decisions on grades.

To ensure that all decisions of authority are made by rule of law as far as possible, that is to say that all students are treated equally, there are rules and regulations for how an examination should be conducted. Below you will find a link to Mälardalen University’s rules and regulations for examination at first-cycle and second-cycle level. As a student at the University you need to know what these are.

Rules and Regulations for Examinations at First-Cycle and Second-Cycle Level at MDH (pdf 802 kB)

Request for new examiner (pdf 132 kB)

Request for review of grading decision (pdf 133 kB)

Application for examination at other location (pdf 156 kB)