Rules and regulations for written on-campus exams

The university uses a number of different forms of examination. Please find below information about the rules and regulations that apply to written on-campus exams.

Since the spring semester of 2009, all on-campus exams are anonymous. This means that your personal information is replaced with a code for the purposes of the exam. The point of anonymity is to uphold your right to have your exam assessed solely on the basis of your performance. This is a decision made by the Vice-Chancellor of Mälardalen University (MDH). For more detailed information, please contact your teacher or an administrator at your School.

Rules and Regulations for Examinations at First-Cycle and Second-Cycle Level at MDH (pdf 802 kB)

Registration for exams

Registration for exams is mandatory and is done through Ladok for students.

Ladok for students

Registration opens 28 days before the exam date and closes 10 days before the exam date. This means that if an exam is to take place on Thursday 29 January, for instance, you must register to take it no later than Monday 19 January. Hence the registration must be completed no later than 23:59 on Monday 19 January. Calendar days are all days, no matter if they are holidays or workdays.

You must keep a check yourself on the opening and closing dates for registration for your exam. If you wish to check that you have registered you can do this in Ladok for students.

In case of planned maintenance or any disruption in Ladok it will not be possible to log into the system to register for exams. In this case you should submit your registration by email to Please note that the registration must have been submitted before the expiry of the registration date. It is not possible to use this channel for registration if the regular one is working.

If you are not registered to take an exam you are not allowed to take it on that occasion. The printed list of the invigilator does not allow exceptions;  if you are not on the list you will be required to leave the exam hall.

Where do I go to write the exam?

The exam administrators will publish the location for the exam in the course schedule no later than two working days before the exam date. There are also special notice boards where this information is displayed. They are placed next to the Student Centre on both campuses.

On the day of the exam

Students who are going to take an exam are let into the exam hall from:

  • 08.10 - 08.25 for morning exams
  • 14.10 - 14.25 for afternoon exams

At 08.25 and 14.25, respectively, the door to the exam hall is closed. At this point in time, the exam is distributed while the invigilator imparts important information to the students. At 8.30 and 14.30, respectively, the exam begins.

Valid identification

An ID and registration check follows, as well as the distribution of an anonymous code for this particular exam to each student. The code is automatically connected to the student’s personal information. Changing the code is therefore not possible. Students must be able to identify themselves through a valid ID with photo to be allowed to take the exam. A valid ID are passports, international ID cards or driving licenses, Swedish national identity cards or driving licenses, Swedish SIS-registered ID cards or ID cards issued by government authorities, Skatteverket.

Please note that the MDH card does not constitute a valid ID. Not a permanent residence permit either.

Distance or evening courses

For those students who take distance or evening courses, exams are sometimes offered on a Saturday. Students are then let into the exam hall between 08.40 and 08.55. The exam begins at 09.00.

"Late-comers’ chance"

Those students who arrive too late to the exam hall gather outside. The “late-comers’ chance” begins when the doors to the exam hall are closed, that is 08.25-09.00 or 14.25-15.00, for 35 minutes. No extra time is allowed. Before the students enter the exam hall, the invigilator will make sure they get important information about rules and regulations. For Saturday exams, the “late-comers’ chance” is 08.55 - 09.30.

In the exam hall

Rules for Written Examinations at Mälardalen University (pdf 34 kB)

Questions while the exam is ongoing

It is possible for students to ask questions about the exam while the exam is ongoing. The invigilators have received information from the School about when a teacher can be reached while the exam is taking place. The invigilator calls the teacher on the university phone and hands it over to the student who can then ask questions.

Exam time

The invigilators will make an announcement to the students when 30 minutes remain of the exam time. At the end of the exam time, students must stop writing and there are no exceptions. If a student does not submit the exam on time, this will be reported to the examiner.

Suspicions of cheating

If a student is suspected of cheating, it is the invigilator’s responsibility to talk to the student and, after receiving the student’s permission, copy evidence, if any, and then report to the examiner who administers the report. If the suspicion turns out to be well-founded, it is reported to the Vice-Chancellor who then decides if the case should be passed on to the Disciplinary Board.

Read more about antiplagiarism

Important notice about the submission of on-campus written exams

When you are done with the exam, raise your hand to get the attention of the invigilator. The invigilator will make sure that the exam cover and separate sheets of paper are filled out correctly and sign the exam before you can leave the exam hall.


It must be clearly stated in the exam document what aids are allowed at the exam, for instance calculators, charts, dictionaries or course books. For the duration of the exam, students are obliged to show their papers and aids if asked by an invigilator.


If you need to have aids during your exam you must also, in addition to registering for the exam, order this no later than 10 days before the exam date.
Ordering aids is done by means of a web form which is to be filled in.
You will receive notification by email from your School as to whether your request for aids for an exam has been approved or not.

Request for aids during exam-hall examination


If you have any questions, please contact

Exam results

Exam results are posted on Ladok for students no later than 15 working days after the exam date. Students will also get their results sent to their university e-mail account.

Ladok for students

The graded exams can be picked up at the Student Centre if a valid ID is shown. Exams that have not been picked up will be saved for two years after the grading date. Students who pass an exam are not allowed to take it again in order to obtain a higher grade.

If a student would like to dispute the assessment, the exam should remain at the Student Centre. The student will then be able to apply for a reassessment of the exam results. Use this form for reassessment:

Request for review of grading decision (pdf 133 kB)

The student submits the form to the Student Centre, which in turn contacts the right school. Please observe that the possibility to bring about a change of the grading decision can be made considerably more difficult if a student chooses to collect the original copy of their examination paper. Instead the student can be offered a free copy of the paper at the Student Centre.

Opportunity to write two exams at the same occasion

If two exams are given at the same time/exam opportunity you can send a request to write these who exams at the same occation. This must be done no later than 10 calender days behover the examination date and e-mailed to:
The Academic secretaries will return to the student with a message and inform the current examination room in case this is possible.

External writing

An application to write exams at MDH must be done no later than 14 calender days before the exam date and e-mailed to:

External writing is only accepted from other colleges and universities in Sweden, provided that we have exams that are given currentley and to the extent of space, but not during exam periods.

The exam writer is responsible for reconciliation with his or her institution that the time offered is ok and that the exam is available for MDH no later than three days before the exam date.