Picking up your exam

The following applies if you are to pick up your own marked exam. Remember to always pick up the exam at the campus where you took it. Hand-in assignments and home exams are returned at the campus where the course is offered and where you are registered.

No sooner than two days after you have been informed of the result via Ladok for students , your exam can be picked up at the Student Centre. When doing so, remember the following:

  1. Give proof of your identity.
  2. Say the course code, the date of the exam (the date is indicated close to the grade on the Student Portal), as well as the examination code (e.g. TEN1).
  3. If you want to double-check the marking, you need to fill in the Request for scanned examination and hand it in at the Student Centre. You will be able to pick up your exam within two working days after that.
  4. If you pick up your exam right away, you need to sign a receipt list. (In connection with group examinations, the one picking up the exam signs for all members of the group.)
  5. If you want to apply for a re-consideration of the marking, the appropriate application form needs to be submitted to the Student Centre.

Procedures when requesting VG exams at MDH

  • Exams normally have to be requested at one of MDH’s two Student Centres.
  • Exams will be made available in the form of paper copies, not digitally.
  • Students have to be informed of the need to pay if the number of pages exceeds nine per order. The first nine pages of the order are free. The tenth page costs 50 kronor and every subsequent page 2 kronor. By “page” is meant a page with text.
  • The Student Centre does not take responsibility for the quality of the copies, as the quality of different exams varies.
  • If there are recurrent orders of less than 10 pages in order to avoid paying the copying fee, the University will ask for payment from the first page.
  • Payment is to be made by card, as the Student Centre does not handle cash.
  • A requester must be sufficiently specific with regard to the document requested in order for the University to be able to find it. If a person requests all exams of a certain type (a compilation), the University will only meet such a request if it can be done as part of its standard procedures.