Credit Transfer

Each course is measured in credits. One week of full-time studies is equivalent to 1.5 credits. Full-time studies for one semester correspond to 30 credits.

Results from academic courses at other universities in Sweden and/or abroad may be transferred to your records at Mälardalen University and taken into account if or when you apply for a degree. You need to be a student at Mälardalen University to apply for credit transfer.

Courses and parts of courses in subjects that are taught at the university are assessed by the school in charge of that particular subject. The Division of Admissions and Degrees will assess other subject areas. If you want credits transferred, you need to apply for this on a specific form available at the Student Centre or at your school. Please note that this does not apply to exchange students and international students studying individual courses. If in doubt, please contact the study counsellor at your school or the The Division of Admissions and Degrees. We do not transfer degrees.

Application - Credit Transfer (pdf 57 kB)