Credit Transfer

Each course is measured in credits. One week of full-time studies is equivalent to 1.5 credits. Full-time studies for one semester correspond to 30 credits.

Results from academic courses at other universities in Sweden and/or abroad may be transferred to your records at Mälardalen University and taken into account if or when you apply for a degree. 
Courses and parts of courses in subjects that are taught at the university are assessed by the school in charge of that particular subject. In some cases, the Division of Admissions and Degrees may assess other subject areas.
You need to be a student at Mälardalen University to apply for credit transfer. To apply for credit transfer, you need to fill out an application form. There are different application forms depending on the type of credit transfer.
It is important that your application is complete upon submission. Any copies must be certified (i.e., a person must certify that the copy corresponds to the original by writing their signature, name clarification and telephone number on each copy). Original documents must be presented on request. If supplementation is requested and does not arrive within two months, decisions are made based on existing documents.
Information regarding documents to be enclosed can be found on the application form.

If your application is rejected you will be informed about the possibility to appeal.  You can find information about appealing at The Higher Education Appeals Board's web page.

If you have any questions, please contact the study counsellor at your school or the Division of Admissions and Degrees.

Application — Credit Transfer at First or Second Cycle (pdf 56 kB)

Application — Credit Transfer from Studies Abroad (pdf 53 kB)