New applications that can help you in your studies

Jan 17, 2018 | Student

Now you who are studying or working at Mälardalen university have the ability to download and install an applications for speech-synthesis and spell-checking without any cost.


The speech-synthesis TorTalk will let you listen to all text on your computer screen. TorTalk is an aid for for those who need support in reading and writing, those whose mother tongue is other than Swedish or for those who learn better by listening to text. Select the text and press play, then TorTalk will read the text for you. You can select between 60 diffent voices and 20 different languages.


Stava Rex

Stava Rex is a spell-check application in Swedish. The application is especially developed for people with different reading/writing disabilities, but can also be used by everyone who sometimes need extra language support. Stava Rex can correct spelling errors, suggest alternatives to easily mixed up words and help with errors regarding grammatics and expressions.



SpellRight is a spell-checking application in english. The application is designed to be used by people who has English as a second language and by people who has difficulties in reading and writing. It corrects grammatical- and spelling errors in English, such as severe spelling errors which Swedish-speaking people often do in English for example. The application can also suggest alternatives for easily mixed up words and has a correction control for grammatics which can correct the usual “Swenglish” spelling errors.


Download the applications:

Students can download the applications through

Staff can find the software on their MDH-computer.


For PC – click on the start button – Programs – Microsoft System Center – Software Center. Select the program that you want to install and click the install button.

For Mac the applications are in the Selfservice portal. Click on Self Service (can be found placed in the Dock or under “program”). Click on Install for the application you want to be installed.