The MDH card

Every person working or studying at Mälardalen University needs a University card. It is used both for accessing the premises and as a library card. When provided with a semester sticker the card is also your ticket on the University provided bus line between both campuses, Eskilstuna and Västerås.

At the University the MDH card is used frequently. The card is free of charge for all students and it has the following uses:
  • Access to premises (pass card to outer doors and other School premises such as computer rooms, laboratories and workshops). During certain periods a PIN code is needed, apart from the MDH card, to open these doors.
  • Travel pass on trips with Utbildningslinjen between Eskilstuna and Västerås 
  • Library card at the University Library
  • Printouts, copying and scanning
To order your MDH card, you have to be registered in Ladok. You order your MDH card via the Student Portal.
When registering for a course or study programme the authorisation/access is determined on the card. Any changes in authorisation is made by the Schools.
If you are reading a contract education course you will receive a special MDH card which works as a pass card and a library card. This card must be ordered via the teacher or secretary at your host School.

The following regulations apply to you who have an MDH card:

a) Do not allow anyone else to get hold of sensitive information (e.g. card number, PIN code)
b) Do not sabotage, interfere with or otherwise abuse the system
c) Do not allow anyone else access to the premises or lend the pass card to anyone else 
d) Study and follow newly-adopted rules
e) When in or on Mälardalen University premises, be able to produce your pass card together with a valid identity card confirming the cardholder’s identity.

Consequences of violating the regulations

On discovering that a student is acting in contravention of what is stated above, a report will be submitted to the University’s Division of Campus Affairs, who own the right to block the card pending further investigation. A decision on temporary suspension will be immediately reported to the student’s School and to the University’s legal officer in charge of disciplinary matters for further investigation.
Anyone who has seriously violated these regulations, or in the case of minor infringements done so on several occasions and subsequent to a decision by the University’s Disciplinary Board, may be suspended pursuant to Chapter 10 Section 1 of the Higher Education Ordinance (1993:10). For more information about the Disciplinary Board and the implications of suspension, see: 

Problems with using the card

Should problems arise when using the card, you should contact the Student Centre in Västerås or Eskilstuna.

Loss of the MDH card

Loss of your MDH card is to be reported to the Student Centre.
The lost card will be blocked in all its functions. The cost of a replacement card is 100 SEK, to be paid when reporting loss of the card to the Student Centre.
To obtain a replacement card free of charge, a police report confirming loss of the card is required.