Addiva Software develops software and manages software systems for its customer.

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Addiva Software develops software and manages software systems for its customer. We apply modern software technologies in the whole software development chain from backend to frontend and UI.

Master thesis – Development of AI/ML analysis program for finding best design pattern for Simulink software

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Addiva Software AB is a company within the Addiva-EEPAB Group. The Addiva-EEPAB Group offers development, production and product management services of software and electronics. The master thesis student will work at Addivas premises in Västerås and be supervised by Addiva. The use case for this assignment will be provided by Bombardier in Västerås.


This assignment is carried out in collaboration with Bombardier Transportation in Västerås which manufacturers trains. Bombardier is a world’s leading manufacturer of both planes and trains. Different customers have different requirements with respect to the train that they want to buy, which results into many variants. As a consequence, the large number of variants makes the manufacturing complex. Therefore, lot of money and efforts can be saved in the search for finding smarter and more efficient techniques, to optimize, secure quality, increase testability and reuseability in the manufacturing process. To identify standardised design patterns and apply reusable libraries is one way to work more efficient.

This assignment is part of a Vinnova project called XIVT (Excellence in Variance Testing), that aims at developing methods and tools to improve software testing and reduce testing time in industry.


The objective in this assignment is to develop an AI/ML analysis program for identification of reusable design patterns to be applied on common problems, that is to find a standardized solution to a general problem. The reusable design patterns shall be replaced by reusable libraries. The design patterns will be extracted from Bombardiers existing Simulink code base and matched and ranked for the problem to be applied to.

Required skills

We are open to applications from students coming from Engineering, in the domain of Software Engineering, Information System, Computer Science, Control Engineering or similar. Knowledge of programming language (Matlab, C, C++, Java, Python or other languages), database management, GUI design and office software are highly regarded. We see that you are an open-minded person, with an analytical thinking who enjoys investigating or driving for technical solutions.

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