Degree Projects

Time to do your degree project or write your degree thesis? Career Plaza (Karriärtortorget) together with your academy invite representatives from private companies, municipality or government agencies, who wish to become a degree project placement or have assignments performed, suitable for a bachelor or master degree. You can attend an MDH Degree Project Day three times a year. Visit this page to receive information about our Degree Project Days in 2018/2019.

Take the opportunity of speed networking with employers/clients from several business companies and the public sector. They will present assignments to you, and you are welcome to suggest ideas of your own to them. 

Degree Project/Thesis Days, in 2019/2020

October 17 in Västerås

October 24 in Eskilstuna, only for students studying at IDT Eskilstuna.

February in Västerås - "Exjobbsdag light" - at Högvarv. (Date not set yet.)

Prepare yourself before meeting the employers/clients

What kind of impression would you like to give? First impressions are important; it helps if you are well prepared. 

  • What do you want to know about the employer? Write down a few questions in advance. This will help you remember what is important.
  • Prepare a presentation of yourself. Who are you? What do you study, and what are your assignment interests.   
  • Ask if they are interested in your ideas or what you want to write about/your assignment specialization. What are your assignment expectations?