Degree certificates

Degree certificates are issued by the Division of Admissions and Degrees at Mälardalen University.

When you have finished your studies and you fulfil a degree requirement you can apply for a degree certificate.

The degree certificate includes only completed courses, the number of credits, grade, grading scale, the date for the grade and, where appropriate, other studies that have been transferred. All degree certificates are bilingual, i.e. written in Swedish and English and are issued together with a Diploma Supplement. The Diploma Supplement contains information in English about the Swedish Higher Education system and the degree in question.

Apply for a Degree Certificate

At Mälardalen University you apply for degree certificate at Ladok for students (Ladok för studenter) or by a printable application form. Before you send your application make sure you read the instructions carefully. You are personally responsible for completing every section of the application. The processing time for degree certificate is currently 8-10 weeks.

How to apply

To apply for degree certificate in Ladok for student, log on to Ladok for students.

If you don't have an active student account you can apply by an application form. Print the form, fill it out and send it to Division of Admissions and Degrees. PhD students are advised to use the application form.

  • You need to make sure that all your results and final grade are registered for all the courses that are to be included in the degree. If results are missing, contact the Student Centre
  • If a course or a part of a course have been transferred, you need to enclose a copy of the decision
  • If you are an international student who has studied a master program at Mälardalen University you need to enclose an attested copy of your bachelor degree and a transcript of the courses included in your degree
  • You need to enclose an Official Transcript of Records for courses studied at other universities if you want to include them in your degree
  • If you have more credits than the degree requires you need to write on the application form which course that are not to be included in the degree

Applications are processed in order, strictly according to their date of arrival.

The degree certificate will be sent to you by post. Make sure that you write your address legibly in capital letters.

Application form

Application form - first and second cycle degrees (pdf 54 kB)

Application form - third-cycle degree (pdf 53 kB)


A decision to reject an application for a degree certificate may be appealed to the Higher Education Appeals Board. Information about how to appeal will be enclosed if your application is rejected. Read more at .

Application for Course Certificate

You can apply for a course certificate when a course is completed and reported. Apply by application form or at Ladok for students, log on to Ladok for students .

Application Form - Course Certificate (pdf 21 kB)

Exchange students

Upon completion of their courses, exchange students can apply for a course certificate.



If you have questions about course and degree certificates and you cannot find the answer to your question on these pages, please contact us at the Division of Admissons and Degrees.

Visiting address: Drottninggatan 12, Eskilstuna


Phone: 016 -15 32 20 monday - friday 10.00-12.00