English Teachers Sharing

English Teachers Sharing is a network for English teachers in Mälardalen, with the motto “Proud to be an English teacher”. The network is also open to the University’s students of English. Through this network physical and digital meeting places are offered, whereby teachers can learn about current research and exchange experiences with one another.

Through English Teachers Sharing you will come into contact with other English teachers in the region. You will receive information about forthcoming activities and will have the opportunity to share your own experiences. Would you like to join our network?  Please fill out this form!



Contribute with your experience and knowledge!

We appeal to teachers to consider taking a webinar about an aspect of English teaching which you would like to share or discuss. Alternatively, you can suggest a speaker who we could get for a meeting or a webinar. It could be a researcher, a teacher, or an author or…?

Paul Morris encourages you to take part in English Teachers Sharing


Our teacher stories

A source of inspiration for a lot of teachers is the American educator Jackie Gerstein. She believes that it is the responsibility of every teacher to share: Every Educator Has a Story… Just Tell It. Therefore we have asked some English teachers to tell their story. Learn about their stories below.

“When they grow, I grow as well – proud, content and inspired.”

Karin Rasmus, who teaches at Komvux in Eskilstuna

"If you understand the way pupils are thinking, it is likely that the pupils understand you."

Per Selin, who teaches at Sandgårdsskolan in Borås.