About MKHV

MKHV is a joint venture by the Municipality of Eskilstuna, Västerås City, the County Council of Sörmland and the County Council of Västmanland, and Mälardalen University (MDH). MKHV is a skills centre for health and welfare that provides opportunities to address different challenges and needs.

Within the municipalities and the county councils there is a need for working with how the quality of activities can be developed, how CPD (continuing professional development) and skills supply can be secured, and how evidence-based practice can be developed. Within MDH this is a question of the need for developing the quality in the profession study programmes, securing degree-awarding powers and strengthening research for the benefit and value of both education and operational development. Through MKHV a cooperation organisation has been created with the task of supporting the ability of cooperation partners to address these challenges and needs.

MKHV shall promote quality development and CPD within the activities of:

  • Individual and family care
  • Care of people with disabilities
  • Care of the elderly

MKHV is a part of the Social Contract .

Three areas of cooperation

The activities within MKHV are carried out within three areas:

  • Research and development projects – joint research and development projects as well as dissemination of current research.
  • Internationalisation – learning and operational development through international cooperation as well as intercultural CPD.
  • Learning organisations – for mutual exchange of knowledge in the development of operations, professions and CPD.