Open workshop about clean energy

Lectures and seminars

Datum: 2018-11-09
Tid: 08.45 - 18.00
Plats: MDH, Västerås, room Delta

Welcome to an open workshop where 16 projects within the theme of Clean Energy Systems will be presented.

In the iCET2018, 48 talented scientists/researchers from top universities of China is taking part. The Future Energy Profile (FEP) at MDH, is organizing a 3 months training program with lectures and industrial visits on main theme: Clean Energy Systems. The participants then conduct research for 15 months at different universities worldwide under the supervision of distinguished professors. The topics include but not limited to: Renewable Energy Supply.

The open workshop on November 9 is to present the group projects (16 projects) conducted by the iCET participants. Each group will have 30 minutes for the presentation and the discussion.

The agenda of the day. (pdf 72 kB)