“We never gave up”

Oct 19, 2017 | Education Student Global

After battery hassles, change of competition class and daytime temperatures of over 40 degrees, MDH Solar Car has got through 3 000 kilometres across Australia. Six days after the start the solar car rolled over the finishing line in Adelaide, in front of a cheering MDH team.



On Saturday 14 October at 09:40 the MDH Solar Car drove in to the finish after having driven 3 000 kilometres across Australia. Of a total of 23 cars taking part in the adventure class, the solar car from MDH came in as car number five in the Bridgestone Solar Challenge, which is held in Australia every other year.

- We’re extremely pleased that we came to the finish with our car. It’s been difficult and challenging, but we never gave up and that’s why we made it, says Evelina Edström, in charge of PR for the MDH Solar Team.

Because the delivery of the solar car battery took longer than planned, the team didn’t make it to the first stop in time and therefore they were forced to change from the competition’s challenger class to the so-called adventure class. During the six days of the competition the team were subjected to both extreme heat and heavy downpours. At most the temperature rose to 44 degrees.

- When the car stood still it was hot, but thanks to our cooling system the driving was pleasant, says one of the drivers.

Despite the fact that the MDH Solar Team were faced with several challenges during the course of the competition they are pleased with the result.

- We made the best of the situation and it led to a very good result. It was tougher than expected and on-the-spot problem-solving was really put to the test. But we have got new friends at other universities and lots of experience that we’ll have with us for the rest of our lives, says Evelina Edström.

On Tuesday 17 October the team landed at Arlanda, and then the work starts with getting new students involved in developing the solar car to be able to take part in the competition in 2019.  

- We hope that more students will feel inspired and motivated to carry on with the project. It’s a competition that is of benefit to the environment, future perspectives in engineering and vehicle aspects as well as making contacts all round the world, says Evelina Edström.