Minute of silence to honour the victims of the terrorist attack at Garissa University College in Ke

Apr 23, 2015 | Global

On 2 April a terrorist attack was carried out at Garissa University College in Kenya when 147 people were killed and 79 injured. To honour the victims and as a protest against the attack the European University Association, EUA, has proposed that Europe’s higher education institutions, HEIs, have a joint minute of silence on Monday 27 April at 12.00.

- By honouring the victims and demonstrating our resistance to terrorism and violence, we are also highlighting the basic values that MDH, together with all the other HEIs around the world, stand up for – academic freedom and freedom of expression, says Karin Röding, Vice-Chancellor of MDH.

The way in which people want to participate in the minute’s silence will be decided upon by each individual division and section.

- We at the Division of Communications and External Relations will gather in our coffee lounge for a moment’s contemplation, says Sara Seltborg, Director of Communications.

The minute of silence will be observed on Monday 27 April at 12.00.

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