“The Club should be a place where students and researchers meet to learn from each other”

Mar 29, 2018 | Student Research/Cooperation Global

On April 4 a new computer club, called "The Club", will be opening at MDH. A place for students and researchers interested in the fields of computer science, embedded systems and software engineering.


Afshin Ameri.

- “The Club” should be a place where students and researchers meet to develop and learn from each other, says Afshin Ameri, who is a lecturer in Computer Science and one of the founders.

Together with Gabriele Capannini, senior lecturer in Computer Science, he will start the new computer club at MDH. “The Club” is aimed at students and researchers interested in computer science, software engineering and embedded systems. The club is located in room U2-127, at MDH in Västerås and is equipped with the latest technology to be able to develop and experiment in these areas. The idea of ​​starting the club came up when Afshin Ameri himself was a student at MDH a few years ago.

 - At that time, I saw the need to have a place where students within computer science could practice what they learned during their studies and develop their practical skills. Through "The Club" we create that opportunity. Here you can work with your own projects, projects that are linked to our research on MDH or projects ordered from companies and organizations outside of MDH. Even students and researchers in other areas of MDH can turn to us for assistance in developing technology, says Afshin Ameri.

 Already, there are some projects in progress that members of the new club will be able to participate in. One of the projects is about developing home-based technology and another one is focusing on real-time ray tracing for game computing. A third project is starting a team that competes in computer programming at an international level.

- For researchers, the equipment of the club can be interesting because we have the powerful computers required for some of our research projects at MDH. Researchers can also work together with students who are interested in their research projects and thus learn from each other, says Afshin Ameri.

The opening of "The Club" will be on April 4, at 11:00, in room Beta, at MDH in Västerås. Then a presentation of the club and its purpose is held. After the presentation, between 13:00 and 15:00 there is a drop in at the club's room U2-127, at MDH in Västerås. '

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