Exam registration: Here’s what you do from the autumn semester 2017 onwards

Nov 16, 2017 | Student

Registration for exams is mandatory and is done through Ladok for students: https://www.student.ladok.se/

Registration opens 28 days before the exam date and closes 10 days before the exam date. You must keep a check yourself on the opening and closing dates for registration for your exam.

If you wish to check that you have registered you can do this in the national student interface.

In case of planned maintenance or any disruption in Ladok it will not be possible to log into the system to register for exams. In this case you should submit your registration by email to studenttorget@mdh.se . Please note that the registration must have been submitted before the registration date has expired. It is not possible to use this channel for registration if the regular one is working.