Sweden's Youngest Professor of Energy Engineering?

May 12, 2016 | Research/Cooperation

Konstantinos Kyprianidis is the new Professor of Energy Engineering at Mälardalen University (MDH), and thereby the 32-year-old can be the country's youngest with this position. “I feel proud and happy but realise that it also implies a big responsibility.”


Konstantinos Kyprianidis, new Professor of Energy Engineering

Congratulations! Tell us a little about your journey so far and how you have succeeded in coming so far in such a relatively short time.

- Thank you! It feels quite fantastic. I believe that it depends, among other things, on my having wide professional experience. I have worked within many different areas and have been involved in many different types of projects. I have experience not only of research, but also of education and teaching, international cooperation, industry and conference arrangements.

Konstantinos began his engineering journey in Greece, continued to Great Britain at Cranfield University and eventually ended up at Chalmers in Gothenburg, where he became Associate Professor. Before the roads took him to MDH he also found the time to work at Rolls-Royce as Principal Performance Engineer, and also in Brazil, where teaching was on the agenda. His area of research, in modelling  and optimisation of energy systems, is large. It includes, among other things, combined heat and power (CHP) plants, simulation and optimisation, near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS), and also the design of aeroplane engines of the future from a sustainability perspective.

During the last few years he has worked as a senior lecturer in Energy Engineering and programme coordinator for the Energy Engineering programme and the M.Sc. in Engineering programme in Energy Systems at MDH.

New challenges

Becoming a professor has been a part of his dream.

- This lies outside my comfort zone, but will be incredibly exciting, since I always look forward to new challenges in my working life. It's going to be difficult to fill Erik Dahlquist's place now when he retires, but I'll quite simply have to make my own mark on the role. Continuous development is important to me and I'm going to put my efforts into finding ways of improving and streamlining.

Yet another prioritised area for Konstantins Kyprianidis is a good work environment. Something that characterises Sweden, that I noticed after having worked in different countries, is how important it is to have a good work environment. If you enjoy your work, cooperation will be considerably easier and you feel much better, he says.

His new role does not mean that he will stop teaching.

- We have incredibly fine students and I look forward to being able to see where they end up when they've finished their studies. Teaching never gets boring since each student is unique. It feels as if I can learn as much from them as they can learn from me.

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