Court of Appeal on the refund of tuition fees

Apr 06, 2017 | Education

Today the verdict from the Svea Court of Appeal was announced concerning the fee-paying student who is demanding a refund of the tuition fees from the University.

The Court of Appeal considers, just the Västmanland District Court did, that there existed a mutually binding agreement between the fee-paying student and the University. However, the Court of Appeal considers, unlike the District Court, that since the student has been able to profit by a number of higher education credits and has participated in four semesters of education, MDH shall not refund the whole but instead a half of the tuition fee to the student.  

- The Court of Appeal has given its answer to a question which is important to the entire sector. They consider that state-owned HEIs enter into mutually binding agreements with fee-paying international students. The Court of Appeal can also see that the education has been of value to the student, even though they consider that the tuition fee shall be refunded in part, says University Director Ann Cederberg.

The Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics in question in the verdict was given an assessment of high quality by the Swedish Higher Education Authority, UKÄ. This means that this and all other study programmes evaluated by the UKÄ at MDH have the assessment today of high or very high quality.