Students have tested the marketing methods of the future

May 09, 2014 | Student

Internet forums, blog comments and personal references are becoming more and more important as marketing tools. This is why students from the popular International Marketing programme at MDH have developed innovative campaigns which are based on personal connections and social impact.

In the new course Personal connections and social impact in marketing, students from the International Marketing programme at Mälardalen University have worked in groups to develop and carry out a marketing campaign for their own programme of study.

– Our social networks, especially on the Internet, have become more and more important for our behaviour as consumers. We turn to people who we trust and consider as “experts” in different areas, and consult them before we purchase something. Trust in personal relations is therefore an important tool for businesses that want to increase their sales, specifically as a marketing tool, says Cecilia Lindh, a Senior Lecturer in Business Administration at Mälardalen University and the Programme Coordinator of the International Marketing programme.

The students have conducted their own recruitment campaigns for which they have actively engaged upper secondary school pupils and other target groups through personal contacts.

– In the campaign of our group, we wanted to reach new target groups – not only upper secondary school pupils but also those who have chosen to postpone further studies. That was why we paid a visit to a gym where we had an information table and initiated personal contact with people who were exercising. This is one example of the way in which unexpected locations can “surprise” the target group, and in a place like that you do not have to compete with other similar offers, says Paulina Onsmark, a student in the International Marketing programme.

– We focused on a personal address, asked people about their hobbies, told them about our own personal route to higher education, and emphasised how happy we are about our studies. Personal references give a different impression compared to traditional commercials, says Ebba Cameron, a student in the International Marketing programme.

– The challenge for all marketing is to prioritise efforts well in relation to the marketing budget of a certain company. A campaign with a large budget does not necessarily yield better results than efforts which are focused on personal contacts and operate on a smaller budget, says Cecilia Lindh.