The latest research in computer graphics presented in Västerås

Nov 23, 2010 | Research/Cooperation

Interactive robots, 3D nautical charts and new search techniques for multimedia content – these are some of the points on the programme when for the first time Mälardalen University hosts a national conference in computer graphics on 25 and 26 November.

The annual SIGRAD conference is a meeting place for people interested in computer graphics, visualisation and interaction between humans and computers. For two days researchers, engineers, software developers, teachers and students will meet to listen to lectures and exchange ideas and experiences.

- Computer graphics is very exciting since it is so visual and is applied in a number of different areas, for example medicine, architecture and industry, says Thomas Larsson, Senior Lecturer in Computer Technology at Mälardalen University and in charge of the conference.

Researchers from Mälardalen University will talk, among other things, about their work in producing interfaces which allow crippled people to control computers by blowing and sucking through a mouthpiece.
Specially invited international researchers will also be taking part in the SIGRAD conference. On Thursday at 13.20-14.10, Professor Sheila Hemami from Cornell University in the USA will give a talk entitled “From Single Media to Multimedia – Perception, Coding, and Quality”, in which she talks, among other things, about the importance of taking into account the various abilities of people to perceive multimedia content as images, sounds and animations.

Another international researcher is Dr. George Ioannidis, CEO of the European multimedia company IN2. On Friday at 9.20-10.10 he will present pioneering techniques for searching, collecting and presenting multimedia content from large collections of data, or digital libraries as they are called.

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Facts about SIGRAD

SIGRAD is the short name for the “Swedish Chapter of Eurographics”. The association has been active for over 30 years. It was formed during a meeting at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in December 1976 and since then annual conferences have been organised at various places in Sweden.

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