Sahar´s heart beats for the industry

Feb 15, 2019 | Research/Cooperation

MDH has always been a place to solve real problems together with the Swedish industry. In the doctoral thesis “Multi-Criteria Optimization of System Integration Testing” she presents optimization techniques for software tests so that they can be made more efficient and become less expensive.


- My vision is to develop optimization with the help of AI techniques so that it can be applied to several software tests and streamline the Swedish industry, says Sahar Tahvili who recently defended her doctoral thesis in computer science at MDH. 
12 years ago, Sahar moved to Sweden with a bachelor's degree in applied mathematics. Without knowing the Swedish language, she decided early on to use her knowledge in mathematics in the Swedish industry. 
- I have always been interested in mathematics, optimization and also to work with real problems where you can see results directly. You can do everything you want, the only thing that sets limits is the fear, says Sahar Tahvili. 

The consequences can be serious if something goes wrong 

Software testing is about detecting bugs for example avoiding door openings during a train journey, before choosing to proceed with production. In todays industry a set of test case specifications must be created to test a software. Which is both costly and inefficient in the long run. 
- The purpose of my thesis was to find solutions to optimize the testing process for Bombardier Transportation (BT) in their train production. The solutions would, among other things, make production more cost-effective, but still maintain the same level of safety, says Sahar Tahvili. 
With the help of case studies, continuous meetings and tests on real industrial test projects, Sahar Tahvili has found AI techniques for test selection, prioritization and scheduling. AI technicians who in the future will be able to streamline software tests and detect bugs at an early stage. 
- My vision is that optimization should be able to streamline production within the entire Swedish industry and therefore I have chosen to work further in the area at RISE SICS, says Sahar Tahvili.