Here is how MDH’s support for cooperation will be analysed

Sep 30, 2013 | Research/Cooperation

MDH’s vision is to become an excellent co-producing university by 2016. One of the points in the work with kraftsamling deals with how the University can clarify and better coordinate the way in which we work with cooperation and co-production – both internally and externally. As part of this the Vice-Chancellor decided earlier this autumn to engage a consultant, who will have the task of investigating the External Relations Office, EER, and its activities. Now the Vice-Chancellor has made a decision on directives for the investigation, showing more exactly how the analysis is to be carried out.

The consultant who has taken on the investigation task is Robert Hemmingsson, formerly Hospital Director and University Director, among other things. His task is to provide suggestions as to how the operations currently being conducted at the EER can be placed into other already existing organisational units.

Last Friday the Vice-Chancellor made a decision on the way in which MDH’s support for cooperation, EER, is to be analysed. According to the investigation directives, the suggestions presented by the consultant shall be based on MDH’s Research and Education Strategy and the Area Strategy for Cooperation which have been decreed by the Vice-Chancellor.

- In the investigation process MDH’s other important documents will play an important part, such as the Vice-Chancellor’s annual operational goals, mission and budget, and the operational plans, annual reports as well as financial reports of the units, says Vice-Chancellor Karin Röding.

Robert Hemmingsson will be interviewing members of the Vice-Chancellor’s Management Group and key persons at the EER. In addition to this, opinions from employee representatives from the EER and its core activities will be collected.

-The consultant will have meetings with me during the course of the work and a written final report is to be ready in November 2013 at the latest, says Karin Röding.