TransMission facilitates the automotive industry’s technology shift towards electric vehicles

Jul 11, 2017 | Research/Cooperation Global

Mälardalen University (MDH) together with the Alfred Nobel Science Park and MITC AB has been granted over 16 million SEK for the TransMission project. The purpose of the three-year project is to overcome the challenges facing the automotive industry in the technology shift towards electric vehicles.


The project, together with companies in the automotive industry, will be investigating the opportunities for development in automation, digitalisation, autonomy and electric drive. On the agenda is trendspotting, which will give the companies training in and the tools for development areas for new ventures based on the needs they themselves identify. 
– TransMission is MITC's biggest project so far and it shows how important our work is for the region’s industry. It strengthens our cooperation in Eastern Mid-Sweden, and we would like the project to contribute towards the spread of knowledge in the entire region, says Svante Sundquist, initiator of the project and Project Manager at MITC.


Svante Sundquist, MITC AB

The project builds on previous surveys which have identified a great need for efforts to assure the continued success of companies in the automotive industry and their skills supply. The private sector’s participation is strong, and a big focus is placed on cooperation between academia and the private and public sectors.  

– The project will contribute towards new research and development projects with possible skills supply efforts. Eventually this will lead to a long-term structural change in the automotive industry and it will help to consolidate Mälardalen’s position as a world-leading automotive region, says Anna Bird, Project Manager of TransMission. 
The project is funded halfway by the European Regional Development Fund and the rest from Lindesberg Municipality, Region Örebro, the Regional Association of Södermanland, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, Eskilstuna Municipality and Automation Region.