Prisma - the new system for applications to VR and Forte

Dec 18, 2014 | Research/Cooperation

Prisma is a new system developed by Vetenskapsrådet (VR), and should be used for all funding applications to VR and Forte.

The system was launched in October 2014 through a smaller pilot call, and from now on Prisma will be used for all applications to these research funding bodies.
At a later stage, the system will also be used to manage granted funds, mainly for scientific and economic reporting.

Prisma is intended to facilitate the application work. After having registered your profile in Prisma, including your CV and publications, you will be able to reuse this information later on, for other applications. At any time, you can complete your profile, e.g. with new publications. For each application you select from your profile which parts of the CV and which publications you want to include.

Prisma is available directly via or from the websites of VR and Forte.

Information about registration in Prisma (pdf 388 kB)