An award for the best conference paper

Nov 18, 2013 | Research/Cooperation

Zarina Osmonalieva, industrial doctoral student in Industrial Economics and Organisation at MDH, has won an award for the best conference paper at the International Entrepreneurship Forum in Vilnius.

– I have done research on entrepreneurs who have received guidance from Innovation Stockholm, an organisation based in Stockholm which helps entrepreneurs develop their venture ideas and their capabilities through guidance and networking with others in different lines of business, says Zarina Osmonalieva.

The results, which have been presented in the research paper "Does entrepreneurial self-efficacy predict discontinuation of venture idea development?", show that entrepreneurs who develop new services are more likely to be able to make progress in their business process, compared to those who would like to develop new products. In addition, entrepreneurs who are highly capable of planning discontinue the business process more often, while those who excel in gathering resources and convincing others continue working with their venture ideas to a greater extent.

– In other words, my research shows that entrepreneurs should not plan too much at an early stage, but instead develop their ability to gather resources and convince others of the value of their ideas. We should also encourage up-and-coming entrepreneurs to develop new service concepts, since it is easier for individual entrepreneurs to build companies around services rather than products.