Prestigious recognition for MDH Professor

Sep 06, 2016 | Research/Cooperation

Jinyue Yan, Professor of Energy Engineering at MDH, has been elected as an active member of the European Academy of Science and Arts. Today there are only six members from Sweden in the Academy, but none of them from the technical or environmental science area.


The European Academy of Sciences and Arts is one of the biggest “Think Tanks” in Europe and connects over 1700 scientists, worldwide, among them 33 Nobel Prizewinners.  As an “independent knowledge pool” the Academy aims to discuss current issues across different academic fields and cultures as well as promoting transnational dialog for the good of those living and working in Europe.

Basically, the Academy focuses on three areas: the development of knowledge, the dissemination of scientific information, and the implementation of international projects. It has been recognized as one of the academies with the best reputation in the world in sciences and arts.

Jinyue Yan received the good news earlier this year.

– By being elected as a member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, I feel this is a recognition of the excellence of our scientific research as well as the dissemination of knowledge (as the editor-in-chiefof Applied Energy).

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