Prestigious energy conference celebrates its 10-year anniversary

Aug 29, 2018 | Research/Cooperation

MDH and the research specialisation Future Energy Center was this week coordinating the International Conference on Applied Energy in Hong Kong. A scientific energy conference that celebrates its 10-year anniversary this year.


MDH was one of the university partners that initiated this conference, and it has now grown to host over 1100 papers, 169 sessions, 9 panels, 9 topic based special sessions and 2 site visits. This year the ICAE2018 is back in Hong Kong, where it all started. The conference theme is “Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions”.
The conference associated with one of the most prestigious energy journals in the world Applied Energy (Impact factor 7.9), where Jinyue Yan, Professor in Energy Engieering at MDH, is Editor-in-Chief.
– This conference and the fantastic network around Applied Energy community gives researchers all over the world a fantastic environment to discussing all the important questions around energy, climate change and related issues, says Jinyue Yan.


More information about the conference.

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