Precedential verdict from the Supreme Court regarding refund of tuition fees

Apr 17, 2018 | Global

Today, Tuesday 17 April, the precedential ruling from the Supreme Court was announced in the matter of the fee-paying student who is demanding a refund of the tuition fees from MDH.

- Now MDH, the individual student, all fee-paying students and the HEIs have received a final decision regarding how HEIs are to deal with these matters. This means a new situation for all universities and university colleges in Sweden and will require that we must jointly decide what this implies, says Ann Cederberg, University Director at MDH.

It has been unclear as to how HEIs should legally deal with issues concerning refunding since the Government introduced tuition fees for international students in 2011. The Supreme Court now considers there was a mutually binding agreement between the fee-paying student and the University.  The Supreme Court is also of the opinion that the state regulatory authority, the Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ), can be used as evidence in the matter of whether a course or study programme upholds the quality promised.

- UKÄ’s inspections help us to guarantee students an education of good quality. When the quality of the education has been questioned we have been given the opportunity to rectify any faults, so that we can receive a new evaluation later. No student has risked being without a degree before a new evaluation has been made, and this has also guaranteed that we provide education of good quality all the time. All the HEIs must now together interpret how the verdict will affect this, says Ann Cederberg.

According to the verdict, MDH must refund two thirds of the tuition fee to the student. MDH must also bear the costs of the trial.

About the Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics

In the spring 2015 the Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics in question in the verdict was given an assessment of high quality by the Swedish Higher Education Authority, UKÄ. This means that this and all other study programmes evaluated by the UKÄ at MDH have the assessment today of high or very high quality.