Positive outcome of external review of MDH work for sustainable work environment

Apr 10, 2015 | On campus

At the end of March, the annual external review of the University’s work for a sustainable work environment took place. To be precise, the review concerned efforts regarding work environment, environment and equal opportunities. The review went well, and many positive suggestions for improvements emerged, while there were only four deviations.

The deviations that were listed for MDH are the following:

  • At some schools, there is no routine for ascertaining whether medical check-ups need to be carried out in connection with exposure to potentially harmful substances, for example from 3D printers, optical radiation, and thermosetting plastics. This might apply to employees working in method training rooms, workshops and laboratories.
  • The Division of Human Resources has not been able to provide a holistic picture of improvements carried out since the last internal review, as some feedback is missing from certain divisions and schools.
  • The Division of Human Resources has not been able to provide a holistic picture of how certain divisions and schools fulfil the lawful requirements, as some feedback is missing.
  • In connection with an inspection of the premises, it was noted that a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket had been removed from one of the University’s labs.

– During the review, many positive observations and suggestions for improvement emerged, which are relevant to our continued work for being an attractive employer and for a sustainable work environment. There is a lot of inspiration and good examples to be got from each other here at MDH, says Jane Ståhle, Director of Human Resources.

The certifications show that MDH take the issues seriously

In 1999, MDH was the first university in the world to be environmentally certified, and in 2006, MDH was certified for its work environment, as the first university in Sweden.

– The certifications show that we take environmental issues and our role as employer seriously, since we want to be an attractive workplace. The aim is to help each other to create a good work environment for all of us here at MDH, both employees and students, says Vice-Chancellor Karin Röding.

The next step is for the divisions concerned to report to the Division of Human Resources, by 6 May, on how they have dealt with the reported deviations.