The teaching prize shared by three winners

Newly-established award attracted lots of nominations

Apr 10, 2013 | Education On campus

Hillevi Gavel, Eric Hansen and Niklas Friedler are the recipients of the Teaching Prize which is to be distributed this year for the first time at the Academic Ceremony. The prize is awarded to people who have shown outstanding teaching skills in first- and second-cycle education.

- We have a lot of good teachers at MDH, but this year’s three prizewinners have shown exceptional responsiveness and ability to inspire the students, which is well worth highlighting. It is with pride and great pleasure that I give them this award, says Vice-Chancellor Karin Röding.

The prizewinners will receive their diplomas and the prize of 50,000 SEK which will be shared between the three at the Academic Ceremony. The prize money goes to the School, Division or organisational unit at which the prizewinner is employed and is to be used only for contributing towards developing the prizewinners’ teaching skills.

As many as 22 people were nominated for the prize. Of the sixty who chose to nominate someone, a large number were students, but members of staff and colleagues of the nominees also took part. All people with permanent employment at MDH could be nominated. A nomination committee consisting of the Pro-Dean for Education Peter Gustafsson, Director of Human Resources Jane Stråhle, teacher representatives Thomas Larsson, Kerstin Åman and Marie Mörndal as well as the student representatives Vera Songer and Mikael Broman then appointed the winners.

On 15 May at 09.30 in the Kappa Hall the prizewinners will give open lectures on their approach to teaching and how they work.

The Prizewinners and the Committee’s motivation

Niklas Friedler, Lecturer in Production, Design and Logistics
” Niklas’ teaching gives the students security, safety, clarity and structure. Through dialogue with them he takes in their level of knowledge as well as their suggestions for improvement and allows these to influence his teaching. With clearly-defined problems, often linked to working life, and clear demands on the students, he inspires them to learn, which gives happy, pleased and competent students with trust in one another and who think it is fun to learn.”

Hillevi Gavel, Lecturer in Mathematics/Applied Mathematics
”Hillevi gives, with calm and thoroughness, tuition with close links to reality. Thereby the students are given the opportunity to understand the subject as well as understanding of the expectations placed on them to achieve the learning objectives. What is essential to her is methodical teaching, solid course material and the precept that all questions from the students are relevant. She follows up the students’ difficulties and creates an opportunity for everybody to learn, regardless of their level.”

Eric Hansen, Senior Lecturer in Psychology
”Eric’s teaching brings critical thinking about the subject matter into focus, for example in relation to consumer psychology and what some people perceive as paranormal phenomena. Theory and practice are woven together through hypothesis testing and by demonstrations so that students are schooled into a scientific approach. The students are activated through discussions and dialogues about the lectures and course literature because he, among other things, uses IT in a pedagogical way.”