Open source small wind Turbines

Feb 24, 2016 | Research/Cooperation

Recently Future Energy together with the Swedish Windpower Association organized the workshop "Open Source Small Wind turbines" at Mälardalen University.

The scopes of the workshop was to support small wind turbines manufacturers in R&D, to support the owners of small wind turbines and to promote open source projects for facilitating and boosting the small wind turbine market in Sweden.

The workshop gathered researchers from Mälardalen University, Royal Institute of Technology, and Linköping University, consultants from Teroc AB, Innoventum AB, Quirkbot AB, and Ti'eole, and representatives from Västerås stad, Open Source Hardware Association, and Swedish Windpower Association.

In parallel to the workshop a course on how to build small wind turbine, funded by TEROC AB and Svensk Marinteknik AB, was organized.

Report, Open Source Small Wind turbines (pdf 12.1 MB)

For more information, please contact Pietro Campana .