A new cooperative project strengthens the innovative power of regional business

Mar 25, 2014 | Research/Cooperation

After a long successful tradition of cooperation with Mälardalen University, Munktell Science Park takes one step further and employs MDH researcher Anders Wikström as a Research Manager in the field of innovation. At his new job, he will contribute to increasing the level of cooperation between the University and the regional world of business and support companies that are aiming for a leading position through developing their innovation work.

– MDH plays an important part in the development of the region. My goal is to create new connections and more efficient communication between the University and the business world, and hence help companies in our county that aim to develop their innovation capabilities. All companies, regardless of size, have the potential to succeed in the area of innovation work, says Anders Wikström.

Munktell Science Park is a creative meeting place and source of inspiration for the business world, the academy and society at large in cooperation with a special focus on innovation creation. Anders Wikström will be a Research Manager at Munktell Science Park and will through workshops, lectures and special efforts work to disseminate information and develop qualifications in the area of innovation. In this way, he wants to increase the knowledge base of companies and help increase their innovation capacity.

– We welcome Anders who will play an important role at Munktell Science Park, where his research background and global network will benefit many companies and organisations. Since Anders will also remain affiliated with MDH, our cooperation will be further enhanced, says Thomas Karlsson, MD, Munktell Science Park.

Anders Wikström will retain part of his position at MDH. Among other things, he will supervise doctoral students, be a guest lecturer in various courses, and help students get in touch with companies for degree projects.

– There are several advantages to this form of cooperation. Innovation development is strategically important for the region, and MDH has an important role in developing the knowledge basis in this field. Through the recruitment of Anders Wikström to MSP, we strengthen our collaborative connection and new forms of cooperation in research and education become possible. We also hope that this will benefit our students since new interconnections with the world of business can be offered, says Karin Röding, Vice-Chancellor, Mälardalen University.

More information about Anders Wikström
Anders Wikström defended his doctoral thesis in a public hearing at Mälardalen University in the autumn of 2013, in the field of Innovation Management, with the dissertation Storyboarding. Framing and reframing opportunities in the front-front end of innovation. He has been working as a Lecturer and a Project Manager at MDH since 2001. The first five years, Anders worked as a business developer at Idélab, and now he is primarily working with the company projects and . He also works in the company SICS, developing a part of ”Expectrum” which is called ”Discovery Room”, a space where upper secondary school students can discover and be inspired by technology and science.