The new Eskilstuna campus takes another step towards realisation

Sep 16, 2013 | On campus

The creation of the new Eskilstuna Campus continues and now enters a new phase. An architecture contest is launched today in order to find the best proposal for the design of a new university building. The purpose is for the new Mälardalen University building to contribute in a positive way to the city centre and constitute a space for development and collaboration.

The new campus area by Vattenpalatset and Sporthallen is a joint venture of MDH and the municipality of Eskilstuna. An architecture contest is launched today in order to find the best proposal for the new campus. The architecture contest is arranged jointly by the university management and the municipality who have collaborated to formulate the criteria for the contest.

One of the objectives is for the new campus area to visualise MDH as an open and modern study environment. At the same time, the existing sense of familiarity and intimacy will be retained. Since the area in question is located in the centre of Eskilstuna, it is also important to design the new building in such a way that it contributes positive values to the city centre.

-The new location for MDH offers an opportunity to vitalise and strengthen the centre of Eskilstuna and the city environment. The new building will constitute a basis for the future of Eskilstuna as a hub for knowledge. Students and staff will have excellent access to the river and the Munktell area from their building. The ambition of the municipality is to promote this development, says Dag Johansson, administrative director of the Eskilstuna municipal Town-Building Office.

In order to find out what students, staff, and members of the public think makes a university attractive, MDH contracted White Arkitekter AB to conduct an anthropological study in the spring. The study comprised interviews and workshops with MDH employees, students, and members of the general public. The report now provides yet another basis for the continued development work.

-MDH employees highlight among other things the importance of creating a sense of unity on campus as well as adaptable spaces for education and research. The students also think that a unified campus is desirable and that it will offer students from different parts of MDH a chance to meet. Members of the general public said for instance that the relocation of the university is a positive thing and that the new location will make the university more visible, says Elin S Olander, the MDH Director of Campus Affairs.

The new Eskilstuna campus is expected to be completed in 2018.

More information about the contest:

All architect’s offices are welcome to announce interest and leave reference samples. Between four and six of the applications will be chosen and the contestants will then be invited to submit their proposals. A jury will assess the proposals in terms of design, function and practicability and select the winning proposal which will then be developed into detailed documents and building plans.