New professor with strong industrial connection

Jun 15, 2018 | Research/Cooperation

Björn Fagerström has been an adjunct professor at MDH for 12 years. On 20 June he will take the next step and become a new Professor of Product Development.

- It feels a bit special and full of expectancy; there’s so much exciting and important research to take on in product development when we’re entering into a new era with a greater degree of digitalisation and development of services, where the physical product is only one part in a total offer, says Björn Fagerström.
Since 2006 Björn Fagerström has been an adjunct professor at MDH, where his primary research interest has been directed towards product planning, project management, decision-making, product structuring and R&D administration. 
As a professor Björn Fagerström will primarily be working with the supervision of doctoral students, holding lectures as well as making applications for future research projects. In addition to this he hopes to be able to help with developing processes and work methods to streamline the work. 
- Being involved in the work of producing future products and services feels very good. So it’s always exciting to follow doctoral students on their journey towards a PhD.  Then I’m a little bit more passionate about research methodology, which a lot of people think is boring, so it’s always fun to try to make it into something exciting and to create interest for their own further studies. To be allowed to work with applied research of benefit to industry, and with the opportunity to strengthen Swedish competitiveness is also very stimulating, says Björn Fagerström.
He will also be continuing his post as Managing Director at Inocean AB. With both of these posts Björn Fagerström hopes to be able to work in the borderland between industry and academia, and thereby contributing to more collaboration projects. At Inocean he works with project management and engineering management within offshore wind energy. They also conduct research into the storing of wind energy, and there he sees an opportunity for degree project students and doctoral students to study selected parts.
On 20 June at 13:00 in Filen, Verktyget, MDH in Eskilstuna, Björn Fagerström will deliver his professorial lecture on product development.