Cathrine - new chairman for Mälardalen Student Union

Sep 01, 2010 | Student

Cathrine Åsklint, 26, is the new chairman of Mälardalen Student Union. For Cathrine the Student Union fills an essential role in its work to improve the students' situation. During her term as chairman she strives to clarify, further develop and promote the organization.

Cathrine Åsklint lives in Eskilstuna, but is originally from Solna outside Stockholm. Cathrine has studied the Innovation program, specializing on behavioral science. She sees her new mission as chairman as an interesting challenge.

- The mission is in itself complex and challenging and as newly graduated student, it feels great to be addressing such a task. I hope to be able to contribute and develop the student union and adapt the organization's work based on the changed conditions since the compulsory membership was eliminated.

Cathrine takes up her duties as new chairman formally the 13th of September.