A new method for innovation based on knowledge from modern dance

Apr 01, 2014 | Research/Cooperation

Knowledge from modern dance and choreography can strengthen the innovation capacity of organisations. Through inspiration from modern dance, where something new is created in each performance, the innovation process in groups can be understood and developed. This is shown by Nina Bozic from Mälardalen University, MDH, in a licentiate thesis which also presents a practical method for stimulating the creative process.

 Experiences that can be gathered from modern dance can stimulate the creativity of employees and increase their motivation for work tasks. In this manner, organisations can also build a stronger foundation for successful innovation processes, says Nina Bozic.

Nina Bozic’s licentiate thesis Dancing innovation – How can we use knowledge from contemporary dance to enable innovation in organisations? is unique in the context of Innovation Science through its combination of modern dance and innovation in organisations. The thesis presents a new model and method based on empirical data.

– Together with a number of choreographers, I have developed various types of exercises which involve the body, movement, physical space, time, and context. The exercises challenge the participants to open up for their own creativity in new ways, and become more conscious of ways in which they can work with innovation in their own environment and also support their colleagues in developing their innovation capabilities, says Nina Bozic.

As part of the MDH research initiative InnovationGym, business and organisations will find out about Nina Bozic’s research results and participate in various workshops which will help them develop their innovation capabilities.

–Asking the participants to do a warm-up exercise, using a choreographic method, before the discussion proper begins, has been proven to give participants more rapid access to their creativity and an enhanced ability to generate new ideas. In this way, the innovation process of a company can be improved, says Nina Bozic.

About Nina Bozic
Nina Bozic has been working as a creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship consultant for eight years and began a doctoral studentship at MDH in 2011. After the defense of her licentiate thesis in a public hearing, she will continue studying for a doctorate.

– For my continued studies, I plan to conduct two exciting projects. One of them is about helping the municipality of Eskilstuna to strengthen innovation qualifications in the entire municipality. In the other one, I will develop the interactive exhibition Pop-Up InnovationGym in collaboration with designers and choreographers. Visitors to Pop-Up InnovationGym will be able to experience an exciting creative space and take part of our experiences in the field of innovation through an artistic process. I am also planning to write a book about the results of my research, says Nina Bozic.

Welcome to the public defense of a licentiate thesis

Welcome to find out about Nina Bozic’s research results on Thursday 3 April, 10:30-12:00, in A407 at MDH, Eskilstuna.

More information about Nina Bozic’s licentiate thesis