The students have arrived!

Sep 04, 2013 | Student

The new students have now arrived at MDH and last Thursday and Friday there were introductions for programme students.

On Thursday, the students were welcomed at Bombardier arena in Västerås and Sporthallen in Eskilstuna, where they got information about MDH but also about services at the university and in the community. It was a fun event where the new students were invited to cheer and clap their hands in response to various questions. Among other things, this activity revealed that the student who had the longest way to go to get to MDH was from a small village north of Kiruna.


On Friday, the students were invited to take part in a number of seminars about things that are useful to know as a new MDH student, such as for instance IT support and advice concerning how to plan a course of study.

- This year, the Division of Student Affairs has collaborated with the Division of Communications to make the welcome and introduction information more coherent and attractive. We have surveyed everything from welcome letters to the agenda for the introduction days, in order to welcome the students even better, says Lennart Ytter, Head of the Division of Student Affairs.

In addition to the introductory information provided by the university, there is also the initial two-week rookie period arranged by the Mälardalen Student Union, the programme associations and the student associations. The rookie period offers the students an opportunity to get to know each other and the university through student activities both on and off campus.