Nominate the alumnus/alumna of the year at Mälardalen University

Aug 30, 2013 | Alumni Student

Now it´s time to nominate candidates to the “Mälardalen University Alumnus/alumna of the year award”. You can nominate one or more candidates until Friday, September 6 at 17:00.

The award is bestowed Thursday, October 3, in connection with the National Alumni Week by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor Paul Pettersson.

  • It is important to highlight former students who are good ambassadors for Mälardalen University. Besides the honor, the award is a diploma awarded during the National alumniweek. The alumnus/ alumna of the year will also be honored with a chance to give a speech to the students during the Graduation Ceremony at Mälardalen University, says Birgitta Hultqvist, communication officer for alumni at Mälardalen University.
  • The alumnus/alumna of the year will be honored with a chance to give a speech to the students at the Graduation Ceremony in May/June.


All students, employees, members of boards and committees at the university, and members of the MDH Alumni Network are welcome to nominate candidates for the Alumnus/alumna of the year award at Mälardalen University.


  • The alumnus/alumna of the year must have a degree from Mälardalen University and be a good ambassador for the University
  • The alumnus/alumna of the year must contribute to business or society in a good way through his or her profession or other interests, and demonstrate a strong entrepreneurial spirit and serve as a positive role model and source of inspiration

The jury

The jury consists of one representative from each academy, two student representatives, two business representatives, one university representative and one representative for the MDH Alumni activities.