”Modular active control environment” the winning invention in the ABB Challenge!

Mar 03, 2017 | Student Alumni Research/Cooperation

Fifteen students from MDH participated in the ABB Challenge, and they did so with excellence! After several hours of hard work the five teams presented their innovative technical solutions praised by both the jury and the audience.


Late in the evening of the day of the ABB Challenge the results were presented – the winners were Pontus Wedén, Billy Lindgren and Ajdin Mujezinovic. Together they displayed ”Module active control environment” which is a technical solution replacing mouse or keybord in a control room. Instead of controlling using a mouse or keyboard it regulates and controls data using hand movements.

The inspirational lecture by Tomas Lagerberg from ABB with The Industrial Revolution 4.0 gave them the idea.

- When learning about how unstimulating the environment in a control room is and how often the people working there are sedentary and easily loose concentration, we started thinking about what we could develop relating to that.

Despite the fact that Pontus, Billy and Ajdin are studying different programmes at MDH and didn’t know each other beforehand the collaboration within the team was great, they say.  

- At the start of the challenge we emptied all the boxes to find out what material we could make use of. As soon as we knew we wanted to pursue this idea we just went for it. Billy immediately started tinkering with the circuit board. Ajdin investigated ways to receive signals from the circuit board to the computer and I focused on how we could control our menu with gestures, Pontus says.

The audience got a clear image of how the application works. When Billy moves his hand upwards and downwards over the table surface there’s also a sound, which was appreciated by the spectators.

- We thought that what was displayed on the screen was a bit boring. So we connected a speaker in order to show that data from the display also actually exists, Pontus explains.

First prize in the Challenge is a day at ABB when the students get to visit several of ABB’s units as well as meet people from various occupations. This to get an insight in their professions and what opportunities are available within ABB.