MDH students won first prize in an international competition

Jun 16, 2015 | Student Education

For the fourth year in succession students from Mälardalen University (MDH) won a first prize during Euroweek, an international project competition in which representatives from 19 countries participate.

Prime Networking is a network of higher education institutions (HEIs) in Europe, which includes MDH, and the Euroweek conference is one of the network’s biggest activities. This year the conference was arranged at the University of Economics in Poland.

The students in the participating HEIs are required to develop projects directed towards particular issues within the theme of the conference. This is carried out in small groups of six students from three HEIs under the leadership of their teachers. A jury consisting of academics from five different HEIs assesses each project, taking into account its academic content, presentation ability and the interactive discussion.

This year’s conference theme was “Creativity and Entrepreneurship: from Idea to Business”, and MDH’s contribution dealt with how creativity can lead to success or failure: “There is more to Business: How creativity can make you fail or survive”. The students competed in three different categories: Best Report, Best Display and Best Presentation. For the fourth year in succession, MDH’s representatives won the first prize for the Best Presentation and it was Johanna Jahnstedt and Natasha Mulji who are studying International Business Management who carried home the victory trophy. Students from Norway and Belgium were also taking part in the project group.

- Euroweek has been a totally fantastic experience and I have learnt to appreciate the value of other people’s thoughts and ideas. I believe that the reason we won was that we succeeded in finding a good way to cooperate, where everybody was allowed to contribute with their opinions and abilities, says Natasha Mulji.

- It was incredibly interesting to meet all these people who shared an interest in entrepreneurship and creativity. Euroweek has developed my ability to communicate and carry out a project without having met those I’m cooperating with. Everybody functions differently and it’s a question of being flexible but having a clear target. This was something we obviously succeeded with. The project has been independent to a large degree, which has taught me to structure and plan my work to achieve the goal. In general the entire experience is very rewarding and I’d do it again every year if I could, says Johanna Jahnstedt.

Pleased supervisor

Charlotta Edlund, Lecturer in Marketing at MDH and supervisor of the project, is also of course very pleased and happy.

-The students have put a lot of work and energy into this project. They succeeded in building up a fantastic team spirit and it was clearly noticeable from the result. We’re extremely happy that it went all the way, she says.