MDH students among the top three in an innovation contest

Feb 04, 2014 | Student

Eight MDH students have won third prize in the innovation contest Mälardalen Open. With their project Playground Energy, they would like to help children understand energy production through their own playing and moving around in playgrounds.

When children play, for instance on a swing in a playground, energy is transformed as the swing swings back and forth. The idea of Playground Energy is that a generator can easily be mounted on the swing to measure how much energy is being transformed. Through explaining and visualising the process in a simple way later, it is possible to increase children’s understanding of energy production.

– Thanks to all the positive feedback, we will go on developing this idea as much as possible. We think this is a project that can really be turned into a long-term effort and create a new way of looking at small-scale energy production. At the moment we are looking for suitable playgrounds, says Josephine Angbah, one of the students in the group.

The MDH course “Innovative Teams” was the framework when 65 students in the first year of the Innovation Programme worked with developing ideas related to tomorrow’s smart energy housing solutions, which was also the theme for this year’s Mälardalen Open.

– In the course “Innovative Teams”, students work in teams with running an innovation project for an external client. In this way, students can test their theoretical knowledge in practice, while they also come up with ideas that they can continue working with after having completed the course, says Mona Tjernberg, the course coordinator.

In addition to Josephine Angbah, the MDH project group also includes Annelie Synnelius, Betina Kruse, Emilia Palubinska, Emma Tärnell, Emma Söderberg, Julia Shafadi and Sara Saka.

Mälardalen Open
Mälardalen Open is an open innovation contest initiated by Automation Region in cooperation with, among others, ABB, Bombardier, Schneider-Electric and Munktell Science Park. This year’s contest was about energy smart solutions focused on helping members of the general public make more energy smart choices. The MDH students who won third prize will be rewarded through having their idea illustrated.