MDH-students finalists in prestigious programming competition

Apr 13, 2011 | Student

This year, on the second Student Contest on Software Engineering (SCORE), organized by the most prestigious conference in Software Engineering, ICSE'11 (International Conference on Software Engineering) MDH:s two student teams, running projects at Distributed Software Development (DSD) Course have reached the final and will present their projects at ICSE'11 on Hawaii in May.

In total 50 projects from all over the world participated in the contest. MDH participated with seven projects that were parts of the DSD course - five projects in cooperation with Zagreb University, Croatia, and two projects with Sofia University, Bulgaria. 18 projects reached the semifinal - six of them were from MDH. Five projects reached the final:(BarcelonaTech (UPC) Barcelona, Free University Berlin, National University Singapore, and two MDH&Zagreb).

- This is a top world class result. This is however not the first time we succeeded. On the first contest we had 3 finalists of total 6 and our project was the final winner, says Ivica Crnkovic, IDT.

More information about SCORE contest