MDH students to compete in finance in Canada

Feb 21, 2019 | Global Student Education

They are the only Swedish team to participate in the Rotman International Trading Competition, a three-day event attracting some of the top students in the field, all striving for a career in finance.

The members of the team are all Master’s students in either Financial Engineering, Mathematical Engineering or Industrial Engineering. Two of them attended the European version of the competition in Rome last August. The international competition is to be held in Toronto, Canada and it provides an opportunity to see what you can achieve with your knowledge on a realistic simulated market. Participation was made possible thanks to sponsor money from the engineering consultant firm WSP in Västerås that one of the students first met when volunteering as a company host for them at the annual market fair "Högvarv" at MDH.

The setup of the competition is based on cases within the Rotman Interactive Trader platform which simulates the security market. Each case tests different skills related to trading.  

– I am very excited to participate in such a recognised finance competition and it has been a great opportunity to apply the knowledge I have accumulated in my financial mathematics studies, says Chrysafis Bourelos.  

The platform used during the event makes the participants feel the real-life obstacles and work pressure from the financial market. Time is limited and there are huge amounts of data to analyse while the team’s calculations have to be precise and relevant. Lana Fazulla is doing her fourth year as an MSc student in Industrial Engineering.

– I have become more and more interested in trading in different forms during my studies at MDH. The competition has given me an excellent opportunity to immerse myself in different forms of trading. We succeeded with a fairly good result in Rome, despite the fact that we did not know each other before the competition. I really think that the outcome can be very much improved in the international competition, says Lana Fazulla.