MDH-student elected into the student counsel of IVA

Jun 28, 2016 | Student

Johannes Löfgren studies the engineering programme in product and process development at Mälardalen University (MDH). As of this fall he will also be part of The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA). He has been selected for the post because he can add valuable competence to the counsel.

Being a representative of the IVA counsel is a mission that spans over two years, and Johannes Löfgren was chosen after receiving a nomination from the vice chancellor at MDH.

- As I understood it, the IVA asked for more competence within the area of entrepreneurship and innovation in the student counsel, and in that role I fit perfectly, says Johannes.

During the summer he works as a retail material planner at ICA. He has a bachelor’s degree and is currently working on a Master of Science degree in engineering. 

A possibility to influence

For Johannes, the mission provides a possibility to contribute with a current student’s perspective from the university, but also to function as a link between different generations and the IVA. It also means that he will get insight to a number of different technical areas, as well as an opportunity to influence them. Among other things, he would like to increase the interest for small “start-ups” among new graduates. Another area that he feels a great commitment towards is education about technology in school.  

- I would like to see much more technical science in primary school.

Top-students raise important questions

The IVA student counsel consists of top-students within the area of engineering, from universities all over Sweden. The counsel aims to raise current questions to debate within and outside of the IVA, as well as to exchange knowledge between different generations.