MDH turns off the lights for the environment

Mar 17, 2016 | Global

On Saturday 19 March the World Wildlife Fund is arranging Earth Hour for the tenth consecutive year. The aim of Earth Hour is to send a political signal to those in power to take the climate changes seriously, and thereby to draw attention to and create commitment to the issue.



- For MDH it is a matter of course to participate in the world's greatest climate manifestation, which we are doing for the seventh consecutive year. In 1999 MDH became the first university college in the world to become environmentally certified. One of the objectives is that the University will streamline its energy consumption to contribute to a sustainable environment for the present and future generations. Earth Hour is one of many ways of highlighting the question about the environment and climate, says Paul Pettersson, Acting Vice-Chancellor at MDH. 

MDH turns off the light at Saturday 19 March between 20.30 and 21.30.

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