MDH switches off for the environment

Mar 26, 2015 | Global On campus

On Saturday 28 March it’s Earth Hour. MDH is of course taking part in the world’s greatest climate manifestation and will be turning out its lights between 20.30 and 21.30.



For the ninth year running WWF is arranging Earth Hour. Earth Hour is not to be regarded as a campaign to save energy, but its purpose is to send a political signal to those in power to take the climate change seriously, thereby bringing it to attention and creating engagement in the issue.

MDH is taking part in the manifestation for the sixth year running. In 1999 MDH became the first higher education institution (HEI) in the world to become environmentally certified. One of the objectives is that the University is to streamline its energy consumption to contribute towards a sustainable environment for present and future generations. The concrete and measurable objective is that energy consumption is to decrease by three percent per employee by the year 2016.

- As an environmentally certified HEI we have a responsibility all the time to work for a better environment. During 2014 all records were broken and people from over 162 countries and 7,000 cities participated in Earth Hour, so it goes without saying that MDH will also be participating. Earth Hour is an important part of this important and global environmental puzzle, says Karin Röding, MDH’s Vice-Chancellor.