The MDH structure for collaboration will be examined

Sep 10, 2013 | Research/Cooperation

MDH aims to be an excellent university in terms of co-production by 2016. One of the objectives within the kraftsamling project concerns ways in which the university can highlight and coordinate collaboration and co-production efforts in a better way – both internally and externally. As a part of this objective, the Vice-Chancellor has decided to engage a consultant who will examine the operations of the External Relations Office (EER).

- Since MDH grows out of collaboration with the society at large and we have a clear vision for co-production, it is crucial to examine the operations at the External Relations Office in order to create even better structures for reaching our objectives. The task of the consultant is to propose ways in which the current operations of the External Relations Office can be incorporated in other pre-existing organizational units, in order to increase the synergy effects of collaboration within MDH, says Vice-Chancellor Karin Röding.

The examination of the External Relations Office begins now and will be completed before the end of the year.