MDH teacher education programmes to increase by 60 full-time equivalents in 2015

Feb 04, 2015 | Education

The government has assigned MDH the task to increase the volume of its teacher education programmes by approximately 60 full-time equivalents (‘helårsstudenter’) in 2015.

The previous government had announced as early as spring 2014 that an expansion of the teacher programmes could be expected, and MDH had started its preparations in this regard already then. The new government later announced that it had similar plans.

In the government’s public service agreement (‘regleringsbrev’), it is stipulated that MDH must increase the volume of its teacher education programmes by another 60 full-time equivalents during 2015. A continued increase is expected for another four years or so, but its extent will probably not be known until the publication of the budget proposal in the autumn.

– When it comes to the healthcare education programmes, the new government announced in the autumn that it wanted to boost them – even more so than the previous government had wanted to. But since the new government did not get its budget accepted in the autumn, the public service agreement is based on the previous government’s intentions. Healthcare education is therefore not affected to a considerable extent at the moment, says MDH’s Vice-Chancellor Karin Röding.

However, MDH is assumed to be given the task, in connection with the new budget proposal in the autumn, to begin the expansion of the healthcare education programmes in 2016, though it is as yet unclear to what extent.

On the basis of the public service agreement, the Vice-Chancellor has now taken a complementary decision regarding the University’s objectives for 2013-2016, and in particular the tasks and budget for 2015.

Read the complementary decision here (in Swedish)